Thank you to all of our generous donors for their continued support, which enables us to sustain our ambitious creative program.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to our dedicated volunteers who selflessly contribute their time and passion.

Ngununggula would not be able to exist without your unwavering support.


Annabel Baxter
Richard Crookes & Lynne Crookes OAM
Ian Darling AO and Min Darling
James Fairfax Foundation (Bridgestar Pty Ltd)
Tim Fairfax Family Foundation
Jenny & Rob Ferguson
Fee and David Hancock
Geoffrey Loris Hassall OAM & Virginia Milson
Nelson Meers Foundation
Margaret Olley Art Trust
Paul Salteri AO and Sandra Salteri
Supporters of a Southern Highlands Regional Gallery


Mike Cannon-Brookes
Richard Crookes & Lynne Crookes OAM
Ian Darling AO & Min Darling
James Fairfax Foundation (Bridgestar Pty Ltd)
Jenny & Rob Ferguson
Paul Salteri AO and Sandra Salteri


Michelle Belgiorno-Nettis & Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM


Jamie & Katie Burreket
Robyn Martin-Weber
Sally White OAM


Michelle Belgiorno-Nettis & Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM
Sarah Hazlett
Monica Kwiatkowski
Maryrose & Michael Morgan
Eleonora Triguboff
Bret Walker AO SC
Robert & Rosemary Walsh
Wendy Whiteley OAM

The ARTIST'S circle

Katie Burreket
Lynne Crookes OAM
Julie Gillick OAM
Debra Jensen
Jan Murphy
Patsy Peacock
Gemma Salteri
Annabel White


Jane Allen
Glenn Bates & John Ballard
Jennifer Byrne
Richard Crookes & Lynne Crookes OAM
Claire & Peter Goddard
David and Fee Hancock Foundation
Sarah Hazlett
Skye Leckie OAM
Gary O'Sullivan
Peter & Elizabeth Rowe
Nicole Smith & Christopher Mayer Plummer
Maisy Stapleton
Annabel White
Anonymous (1)


Jane Baldwin
Delia Browne
Kathryn Bunn
Joanna Capon
Alexandra Douglass
Helen Gauchat and Daniel Gauchat AM
Sophia Halloway
Michael Hawker
Jane Hayman
Alex Hill
Arthur Inglis
Bill Karras
Tresna Karras
Alice Kearney
Sam Kearney
Chris Mitchell
Sarah Pritchard
Craig Reucassel
Claire Roberts
Karen Shadbolt
Tim Storrier AM
Shirley Sutton
Michele Worner

We acknowledge and thank all of those individuals who have donated $2-$999.

Gifts to Ngununggula are recognised for 12 months from the date of the donation.

2023 midwinter festival
first lights
drone sponsors

Bendooley Estate
Boyce Family Law DR
Custom Printing
Elizabeth Charles
Elph Ceramics
Hearth by Moonacres
Ian Jones
Laurie & Cheryl Stewart
Lodge Environmental
Lynette Ainsworth
Marie Leahy
McGrath Southern Highlands
Mossy Store
Nicole Smith
Ole, Carol & Ted Wrigg
Sandy Purves
Signature Law
Small Impact Studio
Statewide Mechanical
Terry Saunders
The Fold Southern Highlands
The Scottish Arms
The Stress & Trauma Clinic
Thomson Street
Trisha Jarvis
Tziallas Architects
Wilkinson Throsby & Edwards Solicitors