Wellness Program | Term 2

30 April – 3 July 2024

Golden Roosters | Tai Chi

Make Ngununggula your regular and join us with instructor Stephen Atkinson for Tai Chi. A gentle, moving meditation, our Tai Chi sessions use the calming vistas of the gallery’s rural location, allowing you to connect with your inner self and natural surroundings. It’s the perfect way to punctuate your week and be part of our creative community.

Tai Chi combines slow, soft and firm movements coordinated with the breath that work the body and the mind, enhancing strength, balance and energy. It is about finding harmony across mind and body - to escape the anxieties of daily life for an hour - and to cultivate a bit of ‘you time’.

Sessions run every Tuesday, 9 am - 10 am

Term 1 will run from Tuesday, 30 April - Tuesday 2 July 2024. Limited drop-in spaces will be available.

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Wednesday Warriors | Yoga

Join us and re-energise your yoga practice by bringing it into the gallery, connecting creativity and well-being.

It is led by Christobel Hughes, a passionate yoga teacher who brings mindfulness, breath awareness, and flow to all her classes. While Yoga can embrace many styles, Christobel focuses on easy-to-follow flow sequences that are fun for all participants. She teaches at various Southern Highlands locations and runs retreats and workshops for children and adults.

Classes run every Wednesday, 9 am - 10 am

Term 2 will run from Wednesday, 1 May - Wednesday 3 July 2024. Limited drop-in spaces will be available.

You will need to bring your own mat.

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30 April – 3 July 2024 WELLNESS PROGRAM | TERM 2,

ENTRY $150