Sunday Painters Workshop Series | Alice Laura Palmer

4 December – 18 December 2022


SUNDAY DECEMBER 4, 11 + 18 10:30am-1:30pm

Join atelier trained realist painter Alice Laura Palmer for a three-part workshop series in December. Alice will guide participants through the rich and rewarding practice of figure painting. Workshops will cover topics such as colour mixing, rendering form, adding a sense of weight and an illusion of depth. Participants will draw and paint from a draped life model. This course is well-suited to beginners and well as experienced artists.

The cost of this workshop series excludes materials.

Lesson 1 – We will explore an orientation to the materials we are using and then cover the ways of starting a drawing or painting from life. We’ll start with sketches from shorter poses and then begin a larger project that will be developed over the 3 week course. We will touch on gesture and each student will be individually taught according to their materials and level of experience.

Lesson 2 – Further short sketches will focus on stage two of rendering a figure from life, as we enter the world of form and sculptural figure drawing. The main project will take on a shadow-shape and we will begin introducing tone and value. For the more advanced students we will also explore a ‘value study’.

Lesson 3 – All students will be given a take-home project to complete after the course as we start our final sessions with the model, during which we will begin to render the drawing. Depending on the materials brought by the student, we will individually focus on how to finish the project and how to continue their artistic journey in the future.

What to bring

This is a BYO materials workshop. If either drawing or painting you will need multiple surfaces to work on, as we start each day with up to 5 sketches and then we will work on a single larger project. This will need one larger canvas or piece of quality paper (Arches, Stonehenge, Fabriano Artistico) to work on over the three sessions, measuring at least 60 cm x 80 cm. This will give room to work on a single figure project, which you will bring to each lesson. On booking the course a list of recommended materials will be sent out.

About the artist

Alice explores the visual language of classical academic art training and its transposition to the contemporary art spaces and immersive gallery experiences. She has pursued a high level of technical training through her education at the Florence Academy of Art, and is engaged in the development of cohesive, concept driven creative projects. As an educator she is passionate about providing a comprehensive understanding for any level of art practice and theory.

4 December – 18 December 2022

ENTRY $180