Sunday Painters with Bruce Woods | Term 4

15 October – 10 December 2023

Sunday Painters is back, but we’re doing it a little differently this time… This series of workshops is for young people aged 15 –19. Sunday Painters will support young people passionate about the Visual Arts to develop a portfolio and body of work. Come to Ngununggula and immerse yourself in a studio-based practice!


Sunday Painters will be based on the artist’s relationship and attachment to a specific place. This may be a landscape, an urban site or an internal space such as a room in a home. Participants need to bring photographic images of the place they wish to build their body of work around.They can be your own photographs or pictures taken by others, but they should reflect a personal attachment. And then the fun and experimentation can begin!

WEEK 1 | 15 OCTOBER 2023

Artist Bruce Woods will introduce you to the program and will make a start on building your techniques through charcoal drawing and working quickly at a large scale.

WEEK 2 | 22 OCTOBER 2023

This week, we will look at reinterpreting your images while experimenting with various drawing mediums, markers, graphite and coloured pencils. Refining the lineal techniques we picked up in week 1.

WEEK 3 | 29 OCTOBER 2023

We move onto the next drawing phase with the introduction of brush techniques and calligraphic mark-making. Add a new dimension to your work and watch your pieces come to life!

WEEK 4 | 5 NOVEMBER 2023

Here, we move into COLOUR, building on ink methods previously explored. We introduce watercolour and the magic of wash techniques.

WEEK 5 | 12 NOVEMBER 2023

All together now! By this stage, we’ve got a good handle on the basics. Now, we look at bringing multiple mediums into a single work. Charcoal and ink, markers and watercolours can add new textural outcomes to your practice.

WEEK 6 | 19 NOVEMBER 2023

Now, it’s time to level up again. We ditch the paper, pull out the canvases and timber boards and get stuck into some painting.

WEEK 7 | 26 NOVEMBER 2023

Making a great painting takes longer than one Sunday afternoon. This week, we’ll keep building on the works from week 6.

WEEK 8 | 3 DECEMBER 2023

Now that we’re really getting the hang of it, our final week of studio practice will resolve our paintings. It’s a good feeling. Make sure you stick with it!

WEEK 9 | 10 DECEMBER 2023

Now it's the parents' turn! Come to the Sunday Painters Open Day and see all your young people's beautiful creations. Part of a holistic studio practice is exhibiting. This week, we invite parents and friends for the final hurrah!

15 October – 10 December 2023

ENTRY $250