Sticks 'n' Figures with Rachel Gregg | Term 4

14 October – 9 December 2023

Introducing… Sticks ‘n’ Figures! An experimental drawing workshop series for young people aged 10 – 14. No prior drawing experience is required, but a knack for thinking outside the box is a must! Designed to develop your child’s drawing skills through a series of creative exercises, observational studies, and working from life and the imagined, resulting in a series of drawing works your children will be proud of and have fun making in the process.


Week 1 | 14 October 2023

What is it to draw? Artist Rachel Gregg kicks things off with a series of fun and experimental drawing exercises. Blind, non-dominant hand, continuous, detailed, manipulating negative space. Loosen up and get in the flow!

Week 2 | 21 October 2023

Let’s develop a keen eye for observation with a series of Life Drawing exercises. Working with models, objects and animals. We need to learn some rules before we can start to break them…

Week 3 | 28 October 2023

What better way to introduce working with coloured pencils and pastels than through an afternoon of animal portraits. Your children will bring home a work of art of their favourite pet or an imagined pet they’ve always wanted!

Week 4 | 4 November 2023

Working with our pet portraits from last week, let’s turn these animals on their heads. Using photographic material, we’ll give our pets a fabulous outfit and some attitude, using our imaginations to create characters.

Week 5 | 11 November 2023

The face is one of the hardest things to get right. Learn about facial proportions while drawing your partner from life. Some great tips and tricks can make it so much easier.

Week 6 | 18 November 2023

Taking the skills learned last week, let’s play with self-portraits. Create a portrait from life, but make it unique by adding imagery that brings out your personality.

Week 7 | 25 November 2023

Here, we look at comic strips and graphic novels. Learn how to develop a character through drawing, and give them personality by combining the drawing techniques you have learned so far.

Week 8 | 2 December 2023

Let’s polish off our ideas from the previous week by creating one complete image in the graphic novel style. Drawing is a great way to harness your inner storyteller!

Week 9 | 9 December 2023

Now it’s the parents’ turn. Come to the Sticks ‘n’ Figures Open Day and see all your young peoples’ beautiful creations. We will have a small exhibition of their favourite works, and they can share their new skills with friends and family.

14 October – 9 December 2023

ENTRY $250