Milk Bar with Lily Cummins | Term 4

14 October – 9 December 2023

Get off the couch and get creative in Term 4! Milk Bar is back with art activities for young people aged 5 – 10. Participants don’t need any prior experience in art-making. These engaging (and at times messy) workshops are a great way to introduce your children to art in a fun, accessible and experimental way! Developing skills in painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking and drawing. We have limited spots, so be sure to book in and don’t miss out!


WEEK 1 | 14 OCTOBER 2023

Experiment with different drawing techniques from frottage, blind contouring and still-life. Look at light, shade, form, and texture and play with diverse media.

WEEK 2 | 21 OCTOBER 2023

Take experiments from the previous week and develop them into paintings using watercolour and acrylics. Participants will turn their creations into artist books, a great way to create a portfolio and show off their skills to friends and family.

WEEK 3 | 28 OCTOBER 2023

Play with composition elements through the use of collage. Working with old photographs, newspaper clippings, previous drawings and paintings to experiment with ideas of surrealism. Combining multiple elements and media to create a resolved collage on timber board.

WEEK 4 | 4 NOVEMBER 2023

We will focus on two modes of printmaking: cyanotypes and mono printing. Participants will use the beautiful grounds of Ngununggula as inspiration for creating their prints.

WEEK 5 | 11 NOVEMBER 2023

Ok, now things are going to get a little messy… Looking at Australian ceramicists Glenn Barkley and Lynda Draper, we’ll look at form and sculpture this week. Working with air-dry clay, we’ll create a series of sculptures while exploring negative and positive space principles.

WEEK 6 | 18 NOVEMBER 2023

Bring your sculptures from Week 5 to life. This week, we will give our sculptures personality through paint and colour.

WEEK 7 | 25 NOVEMBER 2023

We will take inspiration from installation art and combine the skills we’ve learned to create a 3D Mobile installation. Looking at scale and depth, we will work with 2D images, textiles and clay to create a suspended sculpture.

WEEK 8 | 2 DECEMBER 2023

Why buy generic Christmas decorations when you can display a masterpiece created by your children! This week, we will look at wreath making and ornaments. Make Christmas a little more personal and special this year.

WEEK 9 | 9 DECEMBER 2023

Now it's the parents' turn! Come to the Milk Bar Open Day and see all your young people's wonderful and imaginative creations. We'll present a selection of your child's work for a mini exhibition in the Ngununggula Education Space.

14 October – 9 December 2023

ENTRY $250