23 July

Have you missed coming to Ngununggula after hours? Boy, do we have an event for you! We know it’s cold, wet, and miserable, but this is a night not to be missed. Pop on your gumboots, round up the family and come for the final weekend of our exhibition Land Abounds and stay for a night of entertainment, food and… fire?

Bring the kids along for a monster-making workshop, it’ll bring the little terror out in all of them! Then feast your eyes on Ngununggula at night, with a spectacular light display and DJ sets that’ll make you dance your heart out.

Purge your winter sins, or indulge a little more, whatever your flavour come and make a night of it. Did we mention fire? More to come on this later!

Tickets are $10 per person, as a donation to help keep Ngununggula’s flame burning bright!