2023 Creative Program

27 December – 4 February 2024

Entry Pavilion Commission
Djon Mundine OAM FAHA
October 2022 - October 2023

Ngununggula’s second Entry Pavilion Commission honours Eddie Gilbert, an Aboriginal fast bowler who famously bowled Sir Donald Bradman in 1931. Conceptualised by Djon Mundine OAM FAHA and conceived by artist Warwick Keen and the Southern Highlands First Nations Community.

Scholar Rock Portals
Louise Zhang
Tilt Industrial Design
Ngununggula’s first outdoor sculptures with thanks to Richard Crookes and Neville Dillion.
Funded by the Create NSW Visual Arts Commissioning Program

Video Commission
27 December 2022 - 12 March 2023
Keeping an open brief, Video Commission pairs Australian contemporary artists to create new collaborative video installations, each pushing the boundaries of their practices in performance, installation, animation, filmmaking and painting.

Tony Albert & Serwah Attafuah, Heath Franco & Matthew Griffin, Tom Polo & James Vaughan, Kate Blackmore & Diana Baker Smith.

Residency generously provided by Shark Island Institute

25 March - 21 May 2023
Presenting new collaborative artworks by 15 current Iltja Ntjarra artists and their family members. Alongside a new suite of works by the Southern Highlands Printmakers responding to place and landscape.

Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands Art Centre
Southern Highlands Printmakers
Including artworks by Albert Namatjira from the National Gallery of Australia Collection.

Once More With Feeling
3 June - 6 August 2023
Featuring new commissions, Once More With Feeling investigates the articulation of bodies, the relationship between the human form and culture, femininity, sexuality, theatre and ritual.

Karen Black, Cybele Cox, Michelle Ussher and Georgia Spain

19 AUGUST - 22 OCTOBER 2023
OCCURRENT AFFAIR is a major exhibition featuring new and recent works by Brisbane-established Aboriginal artist collective proppaNOW. Conceived as a collaborative activist gesture, OCCURRENT AFFAIR will address current socio-political,economic and environmental issues, while celebrating the strength, resilience and continuity of Aboriginal culture.

Gordon Hookey, Tony Albert, Jennifer Herd, Megan Cope, Richard Bell and Vernon Ah Kee

Touring partnership with Museums and Galleries NSW

New Dog Old Tricks
25 November 2023 - 4 February 2024
Dogs have been our companions for centuries. For just as long, artists have been drawn to these emotional, complex beings, using them to explore questions of bravery, loyalty, and compassion. In New Dog Old Tricks we present new work by 15 artists, each invited to re-examine these thematic lenses, and imagine the dog as a key to other worlds.

Nadia Hernandez, Billy Bane, Noel McKenna, Jude Rae, Jason Phu, Julia Gutman, Todd Fuller, Guy Maestri and more.

Midwinter Festival
23 - 25 June 2023
Activating Ngununggula through Fire, Light and major art installations, including Burning Man Ben Quilty with Michael Whyte and First Lights, a unique sky show in partnership with Freemantle Biennale and Kirli Saunders that will celebrate the life and ancestral stories of the late Aunty Velma Mulcahy.

IMAGE: Ashley Mackevicius

27 December – 4 February 2024