Ngununggula's Art & Dementia Program is informed by the Art and Dementia Access Program at the National Gallery of Australia. The program connects people living with dementia and their care partners with art and the world in enriching and life-enhancing ways.

Art & Dementia program

ART & DEMENTIA at Ngununggula is centred on viewing exhibition artworks and engaging in conversation through flexible inquiry-based description, interpretation and evaluation. Ngununggula's trained educators will facilitate discussion, focusing on participants' reflections, interpretations and anecdotes through an art-making activity.

Seasonal 6-Week Program

Program Length: 6-weekly 90-minute session
Cost: FREE. All material and morning tea is provided.
Participants will be limited to 6 PLWD. Carers and respite care staff will accompany the participants to support for the duration of the session.
Please get in touch with our Creative Learning Manager, Jodie Swan, at [email protected] to learn about this program.

Tour and Art-making Day

Program Length: 90 minutes session
Cost: FREE. All material and morning tea is provided
If you would like to book your group for one session, please get in touch with our Assistant Director, Milena Stojanovska at [email protected]